Choose your backless or invisible bra for a small chest

Choose your backless or invisible bra for a small chest

(Cup A to C)

Today, there are many models of bras designed specifically for wearing backless outfits ou deep neckline. The goal of the game is that the chosen underwear can go unnoticed under the outfit and blends in with our morphology, while highlighting it. 

We know as women that we all have different breast shapes, which complicates our choices on bra types a bit. Sometimes it's not only about choosing the right size but also and above all the right model, the one who will know how to highlight us and adapt to the outfit we want to wear.  

At NINA PERFECT SKIN, we offer a wide range of special bras adapted to the smallest and largest breasts, so that we can each find the model that best suits our look and our morphology. 

Our 3 experts are going to give you some tips on how to avoid making mistakes in your choice and to find the model that will suit you best, while going unnoticed.


This article aims to guide you towards the ideal model for your backless dresses, bare shoulders or via deep neckline depending on the size and morphology of your chest. 

For small breasts - Cup A to small B

Many women opt for the no-bra trend by choice, but also wish to prevent the nipple from showing through clothing. What products should you choose to highlight a small chest in order to wear high-cut backless or bare-shoulder outfits? 

Opt for nipple shields, invisible supports and stickers for more lightness and less hassle when it comes to choosing the outfit. These products will really give you the chance and the possibility to wear outfits with low cuts, bare shoulders and bare backs without risking to take a size too large. The objective will be to embellish the chest without covering it completely.

Take a look at our collection of invisible self-adhesive nipple covers and bras at the following link:

For breasts ranging from cup B to C 

All models of backless and invisible bras, even our collection of backless bodysuit are great options if you want to wear light, scoop-back outfits. 

If your dress is also cut in the chest, you can opt for our backless bra with plunging neckline, one of our current best sellers, or even the invisible support strap for outfits with a plunging neckline plus completely bare shoulders. We also find our lace up invisible bra which clings to the chest without straps for a push-up effect natural and which will allow you to wear all the bare back and bare shoulder outfits you want, while having a beautiful curved neckline. 

The push-up effect is always a little more aesthetic when wearing a B or C cup. If the chosen outfit wants you to have the back completely indented and with a shapely chest, backless push-up bra ou sexy sheathing backless bodysuit are two models that might as well suit you. 

For breasts lacking firmness and support

It is a big challenge for the majority of women to want to wear light outfits, bare back, plunging neckline or bare shoulders because you must first find the bra that will ensure both breast support,curved effect, and all that unnoticed and in a natural way. 

Our experts agree in advising you to combine nipple shields ou invisible push up stickers with the adhesive strip for a secure and hassle-free hold. 

Furthermore, all our push-up models will come to raise the chest and give this curved and curved effect on your outfits, without using straps. Sexy sheathing backless bodysuit is a big favorite with our customers because the round shells will coat and shape the chest, while letting you wear dresses with a completely low back. 

All our models of invisible bras will also be a “must have” for those who are mainly looking to lift their chest, for bare back and bustier outfits, and opt for a natural push-up effect, without slipping.