How to choose the right anti-aging care?

How to choose the right anti-aging care?

Depending on your skin type and your age, your face will not have the same care needs. But one thing is certain: between pollution and the passing years, anti-aging creams are our best allies to keep skin supple and radiant. So how do you choose the right anti-aging skincare product? Fourchette & Bikini gives you its little tips!


Why is it useful?

It's like that, after a certain age, the skin no longer has the same elasticity and the cells regenerate less quickly. Added to this are the effects of pollution and seasonal aggressions, which tend to accelerate the aging of the skin. This is why it is advisable to use anti-aging care from the age of 30. More targeted than day creams, they help maintain your skin's tone, suppleness and natural radiance. Applied daily, anti-aging treatments delay the development of wrinkles and the appearance of pigment spots.

What care for what age?

Anti-aging care is not chosen in the same way at 25 as at 60. If each has a different genetic capital, it is advisable to use these treatments from the age of 30, when the cells begin to renew themselves more slowly.

At 20: hygiene and hydration

Throughout your twenties, skin renews itself naturally. No need, therefore, to rush on anti-aging care. Prioritize rigorous hygiene by cleaning your face well and applying a moisturizer with a sun protection factor.

At 30: we're getting started slowly

Around the age of 30, the skin gradually begins to age. You can therefore alternate: sometimes your day cream with sun protection factor, sometimes a special anti-aging treatment for first wrinkles. Also think about the eye contour care, because the eye area is the most affected by the first signs of aging.

At 40: the little extra of the antioxidant serum

From the age of 40, wrinkles begin to become more marked and to multiply. The skin tends to sag and lose radiance. To tame these slight traces of time, apply an anti-wrinkle treatment with an antioxidant serum and an anti-aging moisturizing cream. And don't forget the eye contour treatment! Thanks to this effective cocktail, the tone of your skin is preserved and your complexion is illuminated.

At 50: the trick of anti-dark spot care

Around the age of 50, the skin continues to weaken and it begins to create pigment spots. Fortunately, a lot of care can strengthen and restructure it. In addition to the anti-wrinkle treatment, the anti-aging cream and the eye contour treatment, use an anti-dark spot product. Your imperfections will be rarer, less marked, and your face remodeled!

At 60 and over: cocooning through hydration

At 60, wrinkles are more marked and the skin more relaxed. But now is the time to treat yourself! Without neglecting the eye contour care, apply an anti-ageing cream "mature skin" and redensifying, as well as an ultra-nourishing and comforting cream. Your skin needs to be hydrated, so don't deprive yourself: choose a cream whose smell makes you capsize and whose texture seduces you.

Which care for which type of skin?

Two women of the same age will not have the same skin and the same needs. This is why you have to adapt your care according to your epidermal authenticity!

For dry and dull skin:
Choose creams rich in moisturizing agents, such as antioxidant active ingredients and hyaluronic acid.

For combination skin lacking firmness:
Prefer a light moisturizer with peptides to harmonize the T zone (forehead, nose, chin).

For oily skin:
Prefer an exfoliating cream with retinol or fruit acids, which regulates excess sebum.

For fragile skin:
Opt for a cream containing calcium and vitamin C, to help your skin strengthen.