How to avoid spinning your tights?

How to avoid spinning your tights?

Know how to put on tights

It's not uncommon to see pantyhose slip right out of the box. To avoid this inconvenience, the first tip is to put the tights on freezer. Proceed as follows:

  1. Take the tights out of their packaging;
  2. Rinse them with clean water, then slip them into a plastic bag;
  3. Place them in the freezer overnight;
  4. In the morning, take them out of the freezer and let them thaw before putting them on. Thanks to this cold storage, the fibers tighten and become more resistant;
  5. Once dry, the pair can be put on.

However, before taking them out of the plastic bag, make sure you have filed your nails well. Indeed, badly sharpened nails are the first enemies of tights. This precaution is valid for both fingernails and toenails.

The second trick is to remove his rings, because the son cling to them easily. Following all these preparations, put on the tights as follows:

  1. First roll up the tights ;
  2. Insert the tip of the foot and unroll along the leg using the thumb, up to the crotch. Do the same on the other side.

For women who wear their fingernails long, it is safer to wear thin gloves while donning.

Combine your tights with the right accessories

The choice of accessories to combine with tights is not to be neglected. Indeed, some can tear tights that are too thin, and others promote the formation of stitches.

  • Opt for cotton panties

Cotton is the material that combines best with tights. With the lace, tights tend to slip on this material. As a result, the more the person pulls up their stockings, the greater the risk of slipping them off.

  • Choosing the right boots

The edge of the boots which constantly rubs against the tights weakens their stitches. It is especially necessary to be wary of models equipped with zipped closures. To accompany a pair of fine tights, bet instead for pumps.

  • Protect tights with socks

Wearing socks over tights reduces contact with shoes. Depending on the desired look, they are discreet in derbies or boots.

The right gestures during the port

Some models of tights can be soft and silky. Because of this, many women love to touch them. This move is strongly discouraged. Indeed, the nails, the rings, bracelets and other accessories can quickly spin their material.

Wash tights properly

Le hand washing is the most recommended for cleaning pantyhose. Here are the steps:

  1. Wash the tights with the usual cleaner;
  2. Mix lukewarm or cold water and a little sugar in a container;
  3. Rinse the pair in this solution;
  4. Allow to dry in the open air ;
  5. Iron at low temperature.

For lack of time or for another reason, machine washing is the only option? In this case, insert the pair in a protective net before putting it in the washing machine. The delicate cycle is recommended.

What to do in case of a hole?

Tights can deteriorate despite the precautions taken, particularly in the case of the thinnest models. If during a party or a professional meeting, holes appear, it is recommended to follow this tip to limit tearing.

  1. Take a transparent varnish;
  2. Apply a thin layer to the mesh;
  3. Let dry.

This solution avoids the scale effect. Otherwise, the tear may go up to the thighs quite quickly. In the absence of varnish, here are other options:

  • Apply dry soap to the ends of the spun stitch;
  • Spray a good amount of lacquer on the mesh;
  • Pour a few drops of strong glue in a tube on the tear.

In addition to these alternatives, during important appointments or special occasions, it is also advisable to plan spare tights. Moreover, if the tear occurs at home, here is a trick from grandmother that helps to catch up:

  1. Crack an egg to remove the white;
  2. Take the torn tights, then join the two edges of the torn part;
  3. At the level of the tear, pour a small quantity of the egg white on the backing. It will serve as glue;
  4. Take a piece of fabric of the same color as the tights;
  5. Place this fabric on the part to be closed before ironing on the front of the tights so that the glue adheres.

Under the effect of heat, the white will cook and close the mesh. Finish the repair with a hand wash.