Beauty routine, daily gestures to have beautiful skin

Beauty routine, daily gestures to have beautiful skin

Wondering how to have beautiful skin? Evening and morning care, discover all the tips to pamper your skin on a daily basis. A beauty routine that should help you regain a radiant complexion and say goodbye to imperfections.

Evening beauty routine 

We remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize, here are the 3 essential steps before going to bed!

make-up removal
It's probably the first thing your mom taught you when she first allowed you to wear makeup. We never go to bed with makeup on. Every evening we removes make-up from her skin. If you have sensitive skin, choose a very mild milk. If you have oily skin, go for a cleansing and purifying lotion. But in any case, it is a step not to be neglected!
You have to cleanse your skin morning and evening, but differently. In the evening, soap your face with a cleansing gel, then rinse it with lukewarm water. To dry off, dab gently with a towel so as not to damage the skin. As running water is generally very calcareous, and this dries out the skin, we finish by applying a cotton ball of floral water, or a mist of mineral water. 
Finally, before going to sleep, we hydrate her face with a more or less rich cream depending on your skin type. Depending on their age, an appropriate anti-aging treatment is also applied to the neck.

Once the care is done, it doesn't take too long to go to bed. Yes, getting enough sleep helps fight dark circles and dullness!

morning beauty routine

The day begins for you... and for your skin, we stimulate, we cleanse and we moisturize to start the day in style!

This is very serious, don't laugh! Or rather if, smile, make faces, open your mouth wide and stretch all the muscles of your face. This morning gymnastics would prevent the relaxation of the tissues, and therefore the aging of the skin. We are even starting to talk about facial yoga. 
The morning, we are satisfied with a lotion to cleanse your face and remove excess products applied the day before. Indeed, if you soap it too often, you risk drying out your skin and promoting the production of excess sebum, which could lead to pimples. 

The moisturizing cream or fluid in the morning can be less rich than that in the evening, to avoid shine, but it remains essential. From the age of 25, we also apply an anti-aging cream and an eye contour treatment.

There you go, your skin is finally ready to shine all day long!

Specific facial treatments 

Regularly taking care of your face a little more in depth is essential. Scrubs and masks are the 2 essential treatments to enhance your complexion.

The scrub
Add a weekly scrub to your beauty routine. Its small grains go purifier deep into your skin and free the pores of all encrusted impurities. Insert the scrub between cleansing and moisturizing. 
The mask
Twice a month, apply a mask on your face for ten minutes. You can choose a different mask each time, depending on your needs.

Having beautiful skin all year round is above all good habits to adopt on a daily basis. What if your new beauty routine started today?